Why I Serve

I share the belief that the people who are closest to the pain should be closest to the power. I strive to give voice to those who may not always have the platform, access or resources to be heard. I also believe in the transformative power of our democracy. As we continue to advance social and political change for the betterment of all, here is a short list of the issue areas that I feel are essential to that path to freedom:

Preserving Public Education  
Public education is a public benefit and as such should not privatized, commercialized or monetized in any way.  Educational equity is the greatest unmet civil right yet to be achieved. 

Housing Affordability    
All citizens deserve the dignity of having a roof over their head.  The exponential rising cost of housing has far outpaced the earnings of most workers, which is putting quality and safe housing out of reach for far too many.  In addition to astronomical rents, home ownership is almost a distant dream for future generations.   We need to take urgent and creative steps to re-think the way in which we build housing, create permanent supportive housing and expand home ownership opportunities.  The fabric of our communities is in peril if we do not take steps to address our housing crisis.

Pay Equity         
Women are still earning less money for the same work as their male counterparts.  That disparity is even greater by race and age.  Women are entering the job market at record numbers and need to be compensated equally for their work. 

Reproductive Rights      
Every woman is entitled to make their own decisions about their sexual and reproductive health free from laws that place barriers on her agency and access.

Voter Protection & Election Integrity     
Voting is one the most sacred rights we have as Americans. The right to vote should be protected and preserved for all who are eligible. Promoting a culture of integrity in the administration of our elections will increase public trust and help us to expand electoral participation. 

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